Crystalp Premium Quality


Health Conscious

CRYSTALP produces health consciously and only manufactures jewellery which is allergy-free according to the guidelines of the european union.


CRYSTALP guarantees an eco-sensitive production and therefore supports EU bans on toxic metals and other harmful materials. The standards of the REACH regulation are part of the CPQ.

Best Quality Crystals

Due to the use of ‘Crystals from Swarovski®’, CRYSTALP guarantees the use of the world’s best crystals in matter of material, cut, colour and processing.


Swarovski® is a premium brand for the finest crystal establishment since 1895. It is recognised for innovativeness and its collaborations with top-class designers, fashion and jewellery brands worldwide.

Swarovski® crystals, in their myriad of colours, offer jewellery designers a palette of inspiration and impart glamour to everything.

Swarovski®crystals can be recognised by the Crystals from Swarovski®’ seal, this serves as a certificate of authenticity for products with genuine Swarovski®crystals.

The certificate applies only to brands who exclusively use Swarovski®crystals for their products and exhibit high quality.